Integrating Spirituality and Psychotherapy since 1974

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Dr. John B. Houck


Chicago Psychological Services, PC

Specializing in
couple, family, group, and individual psychotherapy

Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, various Addictions

Culturally diverse: Caribbean and African Americans, Asian Americans, GLBT clients

Fluent in English, Spanish, and German

E-mail (not private)

2 Offices in Chicago convenient to roads and public transportation Click for map and directions.

Loop: 180 N. Michigan Ave, 24th Floor, Waiting Room #1
Chicago, Illinois 60601-7415

Hyde Park: 5236 S. Cornell Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60615-4212


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I have enjoyed working as a counselor since 1974. I went into this work because I experienced how helpful counseling was to me, when I really needed it. I have learned to understand myself and to overcome my anxiety and depression, as well as to improve my marriage and to overcome my addiction to overeating.  My own openness promotes clients' comfort and non-defensiveness to facilitate therapy.

The summary at the top right side of this web site provides an overview of my practice.  While the most frequent problems are listed, I help with others too.  At the present time, I am increasing groups because of their therapeutic value and cost-effectiveness in this economy. Group sessions are 90 minutes.  For those who prefer or need individual therapy, I am available for individual sessions of 45 minutes. My integration of spirituality and psychotherapy is particularly helpful in these difficult times when people seek answers, values, relief from worry, and to fill a materialistic void with spirituality.  To whatever I do, I bring over 35 years of experience and caring.

Over the years I have sought out training with the best therapists, learning the most effective methods. I have had special training with families, including children and adolescents, and couples. I trained at the Family Institute of Chicago for two years. I also trained for two years in Addictions Counseling at Grant Hospital, and treat people with all kinds of addictions. I trained with Brian Weiss in past life therapy, and enjoy working with the many people he refers to me.

I am familiar with people of all cultures, including Asians, Hispanics, African Americans, Africans, and Europeans. I have traveled in many countries of the world, and have lived in Germany and Chile. I see many gay and lesbian clients. I speak and understand German and Spanish.

My diverse educational background helps me understand and relate to people in different careers too. For instance, in addition to my Ph.D. in psychology, I have a B.S. in electrical engineering and Masters degrees in religion.

I would welcome a chance to talk with you about the possibility of my helping you. I will do my best to understand and appreciate you as the unique person you are, and to help you accomplish your goals in therapy.

To schedule an appointment, please call (773) 493-1330

John B. Houck, Ph.D.

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